• Rabbi Yitschak Fayazi
    Rabbi Yitschak Fayazi Rosh HaYeshiva

    “Everyone is different. Everyone has different strengths and different challenges. But there is one goal: to be the best that you can be. Our job is to guide, to direct, and to help every student to build the foundation which makes that goal easily attainable.”

  • Rabbi Moshe Bakshi Doron
    Rabbi Moshe Bakshi Doron Rosh HaYeshiva

    “You can’t compare a boy who learned in the Holy Land to someone who was not zoche to do so. Besides the learning that builds a Talmid in Torah and Yiraat Shamayim, the Yeshiva helps develop in each boy their unique personality and middot tovot that accompany him for the rest of his life.”

  • Rabbi Yehuda Leib Yellin
    Rabbi Yehuda Leib Yellin Second Year Maggid Shiur

    “In my shiur, priority one is to make the Gemara and Rishonim come alive. A boy leaves with a new excitement towards learning Gemara.”

  • Rabbi Raphael Monczyk
    Rabbi Raphael Monczyk

    “With a small amount of constant dedication, you can finish a Mesechta, and one day the entire Shas!”

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